Advantages of Going for Aftermarket supplier for tub grinder parts

Advantages of Going for Aftermarket supplier for tub grinder parts

If you have a fairly new tub grinder, then the need for wear part replacement is just a few days or months away if you are not having it now. However, some of the new operators think that going back to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) would be the perfect solution to their replacement needs. But this may actually not be the truth. There are numerous non-OEM products I the market that will thrill you with their quality. However, there are numerous benefits that are associated with the aftermarket supplier for tub grinder parts. Here are some of the key benefits that you are likely to get:

Variety and Versatile

Aftermarket suppliers for tub grinder parts are incredibly versatile in their stocking. You can get a supply for almost all types of grinders, and that is something that you cannot get from an OEM. In fact, most of these guys are able to supply products that can be used or are compatible with most of the brands in the market. For instance, it is only from aftermarket supplier stores that you are likely to get a certain kind of teeth that is compatible with a vast range of brands. So if you are running grinders from different manufacturers, then you are likely to get all your replacement needs addressed by one store.


Some of the tub grinder parts may not be supplied in the best condition for the job. This is one of the common challenges that come with OEM products in most cases. But with aftermarket suppliers, it is possible to get customized tub grinder parts that suit your specific needs. For instance, you might get grinder teeth or blades that can withstand harsh conditions such hardwood. If that is the case, you will probably need more carbide material at the tip. It would be very difficult for an OEM supplier to provide you such specifications.

Instant Supplies

 If you have ever ordered OEM grinder wear parts, then you must have an idea on the cost that operators go through in terms downtime. Most of these products require to be shipped, and thus you might need to wait for a certain period to have the item delivered. During this time, you will be losing in times of money and time. But if you opt to deal with aftermarket suppliers for tub grinder parts, then it will be possible to get instant supply.