4 Tips For Buying Used Fae Mulcher Forestry Teeth

4 Tips For Buying Used Fae Mulcher Forestry Teeth

If your FAE forestry mulcher needs teeth replacement, buying a new one may be costly, especially if you are struggling with cash. Going for used teeth could be the best option for you. Unlike what some people tend to think, used mulcher teeth can be as good as new one. But you will need to be extra vigilant since some of the dealers cannot be trusted. Here are key tips that can help you get the best teeth:

Teeth Taste Quality

The quality of teeth is a critical feature to consider while buying used teeth. There are different ways that you can tell whether the quality of the teeth is good or not.  One of the best ways is to check the quality of material used in its construction. Most important to check is the tip of the Fae teeth and also the body. If you will be mulching tough vegetation, then you need to have the tip made from tungsten carbide. Carbide is best known due to its impressive properties such as withstanding the extreme condition. For the body, premium steel is highly recommended.

The Age

If you are buying used FAE forestry mulcher teeth, it is highly recommended that you check the age of the teeth. You don’t want to buy teeth that will break down few months down the line. If you end up buying teeth that have been used for a very long time, they may not give value for the money.  Make sure that the teeth have just been for not long. A few months or one year utmost would be enough.

Underfoot Condition

The nature of the surface is a significant determining factor while opting for FAE mulcher teeth. If the ground is rocky, soft, or frozen, it requires teeth that excel best under such conditions. That is why it is important to put the factor of age into consideration. It will also help you to determine the kind of Fecon mulcher teeth you’ll need to handle the work efficiently.


The size of the FAE mulcher teeth is also an important tip to consider while buying used teeth. The size of the teeth will greatly determine how the mulching machine works. If the teeth have been used for long, they are likely to reduce in size and that will compromise their ability to deliver peak performance. Therefore ensure that you have taken care of the size to ensure its effectiveness.

Look For These Features in Pengo Auger Parts

Look For These Features in Pengo Auger Parts

Whether it is foundation drilling or poling, one thing that is critical for perfect drilling is the quality of the Pengo auger parts. Like any other drilling tools, Pengo augers are not exempted from wearing off due to the tough conditions they are exposed to. That means replacement would be necessary to maintain a constant performance of your auger. So if you are looking for Pengo auger parts replacements, what should you look out for? Here are the key features that you need to consider carefully.

Extreme Versatility

Versatility is a critical feature that you need to look for in any Pengo auger for sale. Due to the nature of the changing soil nature, then it will be only advisable that you consider having the kind of teeth that can be used in all these conditions. That is versatility should feature as one of the key guides while choosing Pengo auger teeth and other parts. For instance, if you are shopping for Pengo auger teeth, then it will be important to ensure that they can be used on both abrasive and rocky soils. That is the only way that you can be assured of versatility. With such kind of teeth, it will not be necessary to keep changing your teeth now and then.


How compatible is the kind of teeth that you are planning to invest? Can it be used on other brands of auger? If you have some auger brands at your disposal, then it is only wise that you invest in the kind of teeth that is compatible almost all brands. That is when it is recommended that your divorce from buying OEM brands since they may fail to provide the compatible feature. So if you have a digga or Bobcat auger, ensure that the Pengo Teeth you are buying are compatible with such brands. That is how you will be able to cut on the cost of maintenance and more so the cost of replacement.


The longer the Pengo auger teeth serve you, the better. It simply means that the teeth have given value for the money. Therefore, durability is a critical feature, but it is mostly determined by the quality of the material used in the construction of the teeth. Always make sure that the teeth are made from the highest grade of a steel body and tungsten carbide for the tip.  These are the most recommended material since they also improve output and thus giving value for the money.


Tips on How to Get the Best Carlton stump grinder parts

Tips on How to Get the Best Carlton stump grinder parts

Getting parts for your Carlton stump grinder is never that easy.  You have to do due diligence to ensure that have obtained the right parts. Just like the rest of the products on the market, numerous counterfeit and fake products makes it difficult for the operators to select quality products. But for those who are diligent enough, they can still manage to get the best quality materials on the market.  So how can you ensure that you are getting the right stump grinder parts? Well, here are tips on how to get the best Carlton stump grinder parts.

Buy from a reputable Manufacturer

The brand is among the most important factors in the industrial tools and machines. Make sure that you are buying from one of the most reputable industrial tool manufacturers. But how do you know that you have settled on reputable producer? First, if you have a Carlton stump grinder, it is important to buy replacement parts from the same manufacturer. That will ensure that you have gotten the right parts for your stump grinding machine. If you cannot find the original manufacturer, then it will be advisable that you select from the compatible and reputable brands. For instance, you can choose from brands such as VERMEER, BOBCAT or GREEN TEETH amongst others. You should avoid buying from new entrants since most could be selling inferior quality products.

The Material Used Carefully

The quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the parts is an important factor to consider. It is a feature that significantly determines the quality of the stump grinder part that you are buying. With so many materials on the market, it is important to check which one you are buying and more depending on the parts that you are buying. If you are buying stump grinder teeth, it is important that you buy from the highest grade material. Tungsten carbide is recommended material for the tip while the body should be made from high-quality steel material.

Expected Lifespan

Lifespan is all about how long the parts are likely to serve. Making replacement should take you some time before you can think of going to the market again. The expected lifespan of Carlton stump grinder parts can be determined in different ways. The most important thing should be the quality of the material as mentioned above. But the manufacturer would always have an estimate of the period their wear parts can remain viable. Select for the parts that can serve you for an extended period.

Latest Technology in the Manufacturing of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Latest Technology in the Manufacturing of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

When last did you check the latest updates on Fecon products? Well in the last few years, the company has been doing great in integrating new technology into their production. Among the most improved areas is the Fecon mulcher wear parts and more so their mulcher teeth. From the latest development, Fecon has emphasized more on the performance and versatility of their tools. Here are some of the mulching teeth that Fecon has released to the market in the recent times:

HDT Double Carbide Teeth

You must have heard of the HDT rotors and the way they are changing the mulching experience for the better. One of the primary reasons why these rollers are gaining popularity is the performance even in the most challenging conditions. Among the reason for this high performance is the application of double carbide teeth designed and produced by Fecon. These teeth come with extremely sharp teeth due to the use of the carbide tip. They can shred any type of wood and are extremely durable.

HDT Single Carbide Teeth

These teeth also work great with the HDT rotors. The company has designed these teeth to address the problem of hardwood. For the longest time, the market has been struggling with the issue of hardwood with most operators complaining of high wear of teeth while working with typical teeth. With single carbide teeth, that will never be an issue anymore.

HDT Stone Teeth

With its vast range of stone crushers, the company has introduced a robust variety of Fecon mulcher teeth that are meant to make rock crushing much easier. These teeth are configured to address the problem of high rate of wear and tear of stone crusher teeth. HDT stone teeth will be a significant improvement in the agricultural sector.

FGT Double Carbide Teeth

When it comes to mulching, Fecon FGT linen of production is quickly gaining popularity in both the agricultural and construction industries. These types of rotors are best known for the excellent performance in stingy vegetation. FGT Double Carbide Teeth is one of the reasons why these rotors’ performance is one of the best. They are configured with impressive properties such as wear life, balanced performance and durability. They can also be used in a vast range of application.

These are some of the latest Fecon mulcher parts that are making it big in the industry. Most of these teeth are compatible with other mulcher heads. Therefore, if you need Fecon mulcher teeth for sale, then you should consider these versions.


What Makes Good Road Milling Bits

What Makes Good Road Milling Bits

The question of what makes a good milling bit can be answered in very different ways. But whichever way you answer it, the key focus should be put on the quality of the bits. For any contractor, profits are important, but you need to have quality milling bits for long-term profits. So, what makes good road milling bits? We are going to look at some of the critical features that define a good milling bit. Here are the elements to look out for while determining a good bit:

Carbide Bit TIP

This is one of the essential aspects that make good road milling bits. The type of the material that has been used in its manufacture is an important thing to consider. Although there are numerous types of on the market, tungsten carbide and cobalt are two important materials you should consider the most. The two materials work together to bring out an extremely tough bit tip that can withstand tough conditions. Carbide brings outwear resistance properties while the cobalt material binds the tungsten carbide grains together. That is what provides for breaking strength and high impact resistance.

High Brazing Properties

The bond between the steel body and the carbide tip is another key feature that makes good road milling bits. Note that carbide tip and the steel body are soldered together, and this bond should be strong enough to withstand harsh milling conditions. It is also important to note that during the milling, the tip is exposed to high temperatures. That’s why the brazing properties of the teeth must be considered carefully. First, it is important to note that inferior brazing quality would result in breakage of the teeth due to the pressured and the temperature exposed to it during the milling process.

The Bit Body/Steel Body and its material Properties

This is one factor that defines good road milling bits. It is a feature that you cannot forget especially if you are milling hard surfaces. The quality of the steel should be the best the industry can provide. It should have tough and hard properties that are able to withstand demanding conditions. The structure of the steel body hard and tough top down. Since the bit is subject to intense shear impact stress and forces during the milling process, it should have a strong base to sit, and that is the steel body.

These are three features that make good road milling bits. So, before shopping for road milling bits replacement. Check out these features.