The Road Milling Bits Shank: Why Quality Matters

The Road Milling Bits Shank: Why Quality Matters

The road milling machine is the most specialized machines in the industry today. These machines are extremely powerful depending on the size and capacity of the individual equipment. However, their performance is highly dependent on the quality if the cutting tools- the road milling bits. As part of the of the machine wear parts, their quality matters a lot. But the most important part of the road milling bit is the shank. That is the tip of the bit that is in contact with the work surface.

The bit shank is the main cutting part of the bit. That is why its quality significantly affect the overall productivity of the road milling machine. However, in this case, the term quality implies to the quality of the material used for the construction of the machine. The best quality shank should be constructed from tungsten carbide material. But why should the quality of the bit shank matter? Well, there are numerous reasons why you should always consider the quality of the bit shank why purchasing. Here some of the key reasons:

The productivity of the road milling machine is one of the key reasons why the quality of the bit shank should be considered. The effectiveness and swiftness with which the bit cuts with will affect the overall out of the machine. If you have poor quality teeth, it will be difficult for the machine to cut swiftly and thus you will definitely record low output. On the other hand, carbide tipped road milling bits have high productivity leading due to their sharpness and resistant to properties.

Operation cost with carbide tipped bits is also very low. The high cost of operation is one of the many problems that most people are struggling. Most of this cost is associated with high rate of wear of the wear parts. However, carbide material comes with wear resistance and resistance to abrasion properties. With such features, carbide tipped shanks recorded very little wear, and that reduces the cost of operation significantly. The cost maintenance also decreased considerably since fewer repairs and replacements are done.

Last but not the least is an extended lifespan of the milling bit and the machine. The fact that the road milling bit tip is less affected by the wear and abrasion gives it extended useful life. Quality shank also maintains a high machine efficiency which is essential for the overall equipment’s lifespan.

Beginners Guide to Buying Quality Tub Grinder Parts

Beginners Guide to Buying Quality Tub Grinder Parts

One of the major challenges that most people are struggling with in the market is getting quality wear parts for their machines. The market has become very tricky for the new time buyers, especially with the infiltration of fake and counterfeit products. But genuine manufacturers are still churning out good products every day. However, the trick is how you get their products and avoid coming into contact with the fake ones. If you are buying tub grinder parts, you can easily get the right quality product without a struggle if you choose to do it right. Here are the secrets that can help you get the right quality machine wear parts.

Reputable Manufacturer

Only a good manufacturer can guarantee quality products. By good, we mean someone who has built a reputation for producing quality products. Second, they must have been in the industry for a while so that they can build the required capacity. Therefore, it is important to check the brand that you are buying and if they have a good name in the industry. There are many companies producing quality tub grinder parts and you just need to go for their products. For instance, VERMEER, CBI, DURA TECH and many other brands of repute is readily available in the market. Avoid companies that are introducing their brands.

Check the Grade of Material Used

A tub grinder part is known by the quality of the material that has been used constructing it. However, the most recommended materials are the carbide and steel- if you are buying cutting wear parts. In most cases, you will find companies saying that their products are made from carbide and steel without disclosing the grade of the material used. For the cutting edge or the tip, it should be tungsten carbide and not any other carbide material. For the body, confirm that they have used the best quality steel. That is the only way that the quality if the tub grinder parts will be guaranteed.

Don’t Go Cheap

Cheap is expensive and for you to get good quality, you must be ready to invest more money. Unfortunately, that is something that most people are not willing to do. Note that the best quality tub grinder parts are a little bit expensive compared to other brands. Therefore, you must avoid being price driven but being quality driven. With that attitude, you will be able to buy the best quality wear parts for your grinder machine.

These Hacks Will Improve Auger Rock Bits Productivity

These Hacks Will Improve Auger Rock Bits Productivity

If you have spent time doing serious drilling, then you have an idea of how valuable auger rock bits can be. You must also have an idea of how to enhance the rock bit productivity. However, most of the operators, especially the newbies, have no idea on how to make their drilling tools produce at peak performance. Well, worry no more if you are among the newbies. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key factors that can help you improve the productivity of you. Check out these two factors.

Regular Sharpening

Keeping the condition of the rock auger teeth in the good conditions is one of the crucial factors when it comes to the drilling effectiveness. Rock bits are exposed to very tough conditions and they are likely to wear the tip faster. As you continue drilling, the tip of the teeth will start deteriorating and thus the need to have it restored from time to time. One of the best ways to achieve that is by the sharpening drilling teeth from time to time. However, make sure that you have used the right grinder to sharpen the tip. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional to do the sharpening.

Cooling Bits

Cooling the rock auger teeth is another key way of improving the auger productivity. Make sure that you made the right cooling system in place to keep the bit working effectively. Due to the high amount of heat that is produced while drilling rocky soils, the rate of wear and tear is like to increase significantly. If that is the case, the productivity of the bit and the auger machine is like to reduce significantly. There are numerous ways that you can get the bits cooled without compromising the performance if the auger machine. One of the best ways is to remove the auger from the hole at certain intervals. That way, you will allow the bit to be cooled by the air as well as allows hot air to escape from the hole. It is great for poling

Use of water is one of the most effective cooling methods for the foundation drilling. Make sure that you have used plenty of water since foundation drilling produced quite a lot of heat.

These are the two best ways that you can ensure that you have increased the productivity of the auger rock bits. However, you need to ensure that you have the right tools and if you don’t, hire a professional to the work sharpening.