4 False Myths Of Aftermarket Forestry Mulcher Teeth

4 False Myths Of Aftermarket Forestry Mulcher Teeth

Have you ever used aftermarket machine parts? Well, if not, I know you must have been scared by numerous myths about these parts. Unfortunately, almost everything negative you read or hear about aftermarket parts is false. In fact, for the people who have used these parts, they will tell you that they offer many benefits compared to most of the available alternatives.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the myths about aftermarket forestry mulcher teeth, which have been debunked. These myths have been proven to be false by users. Check out the following:

 Low In Quality Parts

This is one of the myths that have been sold to many machine users and almost turned to be true. But it has been proven time and again to be false. Although during the early days quality was an issue, the industry has matured to a greater extent. Today, we have some of the best forestry mulcher teeth coming from the aftermarket manufacturers such as King Kong, JYF machinery, and many other reputable companies. So if you still believe that aftermarket forestry mulcher teeth are poor in quality, then you are wrong. If you buy from a reputable aftermarket brand, you’ll get high-quality mulcher tools.

They Are Unreliable

Some of the people who are scared of aftermarket forestry mulcher teeth believe that they are unreliable. Because the quality of these tools is in doubt, they cannot be relied on for mulching activities. But that has also been proven as false. Aftermarket products from a reputable manufacturer are highly reliable and can be used in the most demanding conditions. So as long as you have bought these tools from a reliable manufacturer, their quality is the same as the original parts.

The Factories Are Poorly Equipped

This is another myth that has been peddled in the market but has also been proven false. Most of eh aftermarket factories are very new in the market with most of them being less than 2 decades old. So they have the most advanced technology and equipment and that why the quality of their products is highly competitive in the market. In fact, some of the aftermarket factories could be better equipped than the original.

Expensive To Maintain

Last but not least is the high maintenance cost of aftermarket forestry mulcher teeth. This is another false myth that scares most people. The fact is these are high-quality tools, and thus, they are cheap to maintain. They offer high resistance to wear, abrasion, and impact. So they will cost less to maintain.


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