Common Defects of a Soil Stabilizer Machine and Solutions

Common Defects of a Soil Stabilizer Machine and Solutions

When it comes to the soil stabilizer machine, there is no doubt that they are the kind of machines that you need if you in the road construction. They are extremely powerful, and a must-have in the road construction. Just like any other industrial machine, they are prone to a number of defects that can hamper their performance and productivity. Here are some of the common defects to soil stabilizer machine:

Dull Blades

The most common defects with soil stabilizer machine are dull cutters or mixing blades. Due to their exposure to tough abrasive conditions, the tips of the blades become dull. That means that they cannot cut as effectively as they should. The impact will be a reduced machine performance and reduced productivity. However, this is a problem that can be rectified by sharpening the tip of the blades. If the condition cannot be rectified by sharpening, then you should consider replacing the faulty blades with new ones.

Loose Blades

Another common defect with soil stabilizer machine is loose blades. In an ideal situation, the blades should be firmly attached to the drum of the soil stabilizing machine. However, you might find out that the machine is mixing the soil with the binding material as it should. In most cases, you will find out that there is no uniformity in the mixing of the soil. Loose blades are usually the problem. You simply fix the problem by tightening the loose blades. If that does not work, it is highly possible that a worn down blade holder is the problem. In such cases, you need to change both the blade and the holder.

Overheating of the Engine

One another defect that you cannot avoid while working with soil stabilizer machine is overheating the engine. In most cases, this is a defect that is caused by other parts of the machine. The overheating of the engine is simply an indications that it is overworking or a fault with the cooling system. For instance, if you find that the engine is overheating, check if the cooling system is working. Is the fan working? Is the radiator working? These are questions that you should answer.

Excessive Vibration

Excessive vibration is a common problem with motor machines, However, all machine do vibrate but what matters is the level. If the soil stabilizer machine is vibrating excessively, the problem is usually loose parts in the machine. You need to carry overhaul maintenance of the soil stabilizer machine.


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