This Is What Makes A Good Hot Forging Press

This Is What Makes A Good Hot Forging Press

The hot forging press is one of the crucial pieces of equipment in the forging industry. It is the machine that produces compression force to cause plastic deformation of the heated metal blank. The molten metal is then pressed against the dies or mold to produce the required shape and size.

But what makes the hot forging press to work efficiently? There are several things that you need to get right. If you are planning to buy these machines, this article is for you. Here are some of the things that you need to consider:

Select Right Tonnage

One of the factors that make a good hot forging press is the right size of the machine. There are so many types of these machines in the market based on the size. And by the term size, we mean the amount of tonnage the master cylinder can produce. Depending on the type of metal you want to forge, get a hydraulic press to produce enough compression force. So, make sure that you don’t buy a low tonnage hot forging press, yet you are working on hard metals such as steel alloys.

Press Speed

Another important thing to look out for is the speed of the machine. The speed of the hydraulic press great determines your productivity. That’s why it is important to check the kind of speed the machine offers to avoid buying a machine that’s too slow. Therefore, depending on the capacity that you want to produce, you need to get the right speed.

Type of Frame

The frame of the hot forging press is an important factor that most people forget to check. There are all kinds of frames in the market, but rigid is one of the key elements to look out for. Buy a machine have the right frame thickness to ensure stability when work. You don’t want the machine to cause accidents just because it is unstable. Not that the force produced by the master cylinder could be too high for the frame.

Horse Power

The hot forging press is rated in horsepower. That’s the reason why it is a critical factor to consider when it comes to buying these machines. The duration, speed of the stroke and length are the key factor that determines the right horsepower for the machine. If you are buying these machines for the first time, you might need to consider these are some of the crucial factors that you need to consider

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