Tips To Use Tub Grinder Hammer Properly

Have you been having a problem with your tub grinder hammers wearing out pretty fast? Well, that’s a problem that most machine users are struggling with. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what the problem could be. What they don’t is that they could be the cause of the first problem in the first place.

How you use your tub grinder hammer is the biggest factor that will determine how long it will last. In this guide, we are going to look at crucial things that you need to consider to get the most out of your tub grinder hammer. Here are the best tips:

Have The Right Hammer

One of the things that you need to consider is having the right hammer. Depending on the kind of jobs that you will be handling, you need to have the kind of hammer that designed for that. The biggest problem comes when you make the first replacement from the originals. So, they usually get the wrong hammer for the job. That’s why they end up with problems that cause a lot of time and money. Therefore, make sure that you are using the right tub grinder hammer for the job.

Quality Hammer Tips

The quality of the hammer is another important factor that you need to consider to use the hammer properly. No matter what the case, you must ensure that you are getting the best quality tub grinder hammer. Apart from the body, which is also very crucial, you need to consider the issue of the grinder hammer tips. These are the parts of the hammer that does the actual cutting of the wood. Therefore, they should be constructed from the highest quality material. Tungsten carbide tips are recommended at any time.

Proper Grinding

The other thing that you need to consider is how you do the grinding. Make sure that you are following all the laid down procedures for grinding. Depending on the kind of machine that you are using, grind the right wood size. Avoid the mistake of exceeding the set performance specification of the tub grinder. This will ensure that the tub grinder hammer is maintained in the best condition.

Always Listen To The Grinder

It is important to ensure that you are listening to the machine while grinding. That’s one of the tricks to ensure that you are using the tub grinder hammer properly. In case you identify an unusually sound check it out immediately.

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