4 Tips For Buying Used Fae Mulcher Forestry Teeth

4 Tips For Buying Used Fae Mulcher Forestry Teeth

If your FAE forestry mulcher needs teeth replacement, buying a new one may be costly, especially if you are struggling with cash. Going for used teeth could be the best option for you. Unlike what some people tend to think, used mulcher teeth can be as good as new one. But you will need to be extra vigilant since some of the dealers cannot be trusted. Here are key tips that can help you get the best teeth:

Teeth Taste Quality

The quality of teeth is a critical feature to consider while buying used teeth. There are different ways that you can tell whether the quality of the teeth is good or not.  One of the best ways is to check the quality of material used in its construction. Most important to check is the tip of the Fae teeth and also the body. If you will be mulching tough vegetation, then you need to have the tip made from tungsten carbide. Carbide is best known due to its impressive properties such as withstanding the extreme condition. For the body, premium steel is highly recommended.

The Age

If you are buying used FAE forestry mulcher teeth, it is highly recommended that you check the age of the teeth. You don’t want to buy teeth that will break down few months down the line. If you end up buying teeth that have been used for a very long time, they may not give value for the money.  Make sure that the teeth have just been for not long. A few months or one year utmost would be enough.

Underfoot Condition

The nature of the surface is a significant determining factor while opting for FAE mulcher teeth. If the ground is rocky, soft, or frozen, it requires teeth that excel best under such conditions. That is why it is important to put the factor of age into consideration. It will also help you to determine the kind of Fecon mulcher teeth you’ll need to handle the work efficiently.


The size of the FAE mulcher teeth is also an important tip to consider while buying used teeth. The size of the teeth will greatly determine how the mulching machine works. If the teeth have been used for long, they are likely to reduce in size and that will compromise their ability to deliver peak performance. Therefore ensure that you have taken care of the size to ensure its effectiveness.

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