Latest Technology in the Manufacturing of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Latest Technology in the Manufacturing of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

When last did you check the latest updates on Fecon products? Well in the last few years, the company has been doing great in integrating new technology into their production. Among the most improved areas is the Fecon mulcher wear parts and more so their mulcher teeth. From the latest development, Fecon has emphasized more on the performance and versatility of their tools. Here are some of the mulching teeth that Fecon has released to the market in the recent times:

HDT Double Carbide Teeth

You must have heard of the HDT rotors and the way they are changing the mulching experience for the better. One of the primary reasons why these rollers are gaining popularity is the performance even in the most challenging conditions. Among the reason for this high performance is the application of double carbide teeth designed and produced by Fecon. These teeth come with extremely sharp teeth due to the use of the carbide tip. They can shred any type of wood and are extremely durable.

HDT Single Carbide Teeth

These teeth also work great with the HDT rotors. The company has designed these teeth to address the problem of hardwood. For the longest time, the market has been struggling with the issue of hardwood with most operators complaining of high wear of teeth while working with typical teeth. With single carbide teeth, that will never be an issue anymore.

HDT Stone Teeth

With its vast range of stone crushers, the company has introduced a robust variety of Fecon mulcher teeth that are meant to make rock crushing much easier. These teeth are configured to address the problem of high rate of wear and tear of stone crusher teeth. HDT stone teeth will be a significant improvement in the agricultural sector.

FGT Double Carbide Teeth

When it comes to mulching, Fecon FGT linen of production is quickly gaining popularity in both the agricultural and construction industries. These types of rotors are best known for the excellent performance in stingy vegetation. FGT Double Carbide Teeth is one of the reasons why these rotors’ performance is one of the best. They are configured with impressive properties such as wear life, balanced performance and durability. They can also be used in a vast range of application.

These are some of the latest Fecon mulcher parts that are making it big in the industry. Most of these teeth are compatible with other mulcher heads. Therefore, if you need Fecon mulcher teeth for sale, then you should consider these versions.


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