Look For These Features in Pengo Auger Parts

Look For These Features in Pengo Auger Parts

Whether it is foundation drilling or poling, one thing that is critical for perfect drilling is the quality of the Pengo auger parts. Like any other drilling tools, Pengo augers are not exempted from wearing off due to the tough conditions they are exposed to. That means replacement would be necessary to maintain a constant performance of your auger. So if you are looking for Pengo auger parts replacements, what should you look out for? Here are the key features that you need to consider carefully.

Extreme Versatility

Versatility is a critical feature that you need to look for in any Pengo auger for sale. Due to the nature of the changing soil nature, then it will be only advisable that you consider having the kind of teeth that can be used in all these conditions. That is versatility should feature as one of the key guides while choosing Pengo auger teeth and other parts. For instance, if you are shopping for Pengo auger teeth, then it will be important to ensure that they can be used on both abrasive and rocky soils. That is the only way that you can be assured of versatility. With such kind of teeth, it will not be necessary to keep changing your teeth now and then.


How compatible is the kind of teeth that you are planning to invest? Can it be used on other brands of auger? If you have some auger brands at your disposal, then it is only wise that you invest in the kind of teeth that is compatible almost all brands. That is when it is recommended that your divorce from buying OEM brands since they may fail to provide the compatible feature. So if you have a FECON or Bobcat auger, ensure that the Pengo Teeth you are buying are compatible with such brands. That is how you will be able to cut on the cost of maintenance and more so the cost of replacement.


The longer the Pengo auger teeth serve you, the better. It simply means that the teeth have given value for the money. Therefore, durability is a critical feature, but it is mostly determined by the quality of the material used in the construction of the teeth. Always make sure that the teeth are made from the highest grade of a steel body and tungsten carbide for the tip.  These are the most recommended material since they also improve output and thus giving value for the money.


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