Why KingKong Tools’ Wear tools Stand Out

Why KingKong Tools’ Wear tools Stand Out

For more than two decades, KingKong Company has built an impeccable reputation as one of the best manufacturer and supplier of top quality industrial machine tools. Over the years, the company has improved the quality of the products and quantity to meet the ever rising demand. But why do people prefer KingKong tools? Well, there are numerous factors that that attracts most of the operators to these tools. Here are just a few of the reasons for the popularity of KingKong tools’ Wear tools:

Quality of Wear Tools

KingKong has invested heavily in the quality of the products. For a long time, the company has enhanced the quality of their products and today; they have some of the most competitive products on the market. The company has invested heavily in quality materials for the construction of the wear products. For the cutter tool such as mulcher teeth, trencher teeth and so on, the company has their tips made from the highest grade of carbide which is tungsten carbide while the body is made from an alloy of steel. Other blocks such teeth blocks or teeth holders, they are made from a high highest grade of steel.

High durability Tools

If you are looking for industrial machine tools that will serve you for an extended period of time, then King Kong tools are some of the best options. As mentioned above, the company has invested in some of the best quality materials for the construction of their tools. Steel alloys, forged steel, and tungsten carbide come with incredible features such as resistance to abrasion and wear. That simply means that KingKong tools can withstand wear and abrasion and that is what gives them high durability features.


Since KingKong produces wear tools only, the company manufactures for all the major brands on the market. KingKong tools are highly compatible, and that is something that has gotten most people excited about. These are the kind of tools that can be used on a range of machine brands thus making it easy for constructors dealing with a large number of brands on site. For instance, if you Pengo auger teeth, you can use it on FAE or Fecon auger attachment as well.


These are some of the reasons why KingKong wear tools are popular with most people. Their products are of high quality, last for long and extremely versatile in application

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