What Makes Good Road Milling Bits

What Makes Good Road Milling Bits

The question of what makes a good milling bit can be answered in very different ways. But whichever way you answer it, the key focus should be put on the quality of the bits. For any contractor, profits are important, but you need to have quality milling bits for long-term profits. So, what makes good road milling bits? We are going to look at some of the critical features that define a good milling bit. Here are the elements to look out for while determining a good bit:

Carbide Bit TIP

This is one of the essential aspects that make good road milling bits. The type of the material that has been used in its manufacture is an important thing to consider. Although there are numerous types of on the market, tungsten carbide and cobalt are two important materials you should consider the most. The two materials work together to bring out an extremely tough bit tip that can withstand tough conditions. Carbide brings outwear resistance properties while the cobalt material binds the tungsten carbide grains together. That is what provides for breaking strength and high impact resistance.

High Brazing Properties

The bond between the steel body and the carbide tip is another key feature that makes good road milling bits. Note that carbide tip and the steel body are soldered together, and this bond should be strong enough to withstand harsh milling conditions. It is also important to note that during the milling, the tip is exposed to high temperatures. That’s why the brazing properties of the teeth must be considered carefully. First, it is important to note that inferior brazing quality would result in breakage of the teeth due to the pressured and the temperature exposed to it during the milling process.

The Bit Body/Steel Body and its material Properties

This is one factor that defines good road milling bits. It is a feature that you cannot forget especially if you are milling hard surfaces. The quality of the steel should be the best the industry can provide. It should have tough and hard properties that are able to withstand demanding conditions. The structure of the steel body hard and tough top down. Since the bit is subject to intense shear impact stress and forces during the milling process, it should have a strong base to sit, and that is the steel body.

These are three features that make good road milling bits. So, before shopping for road milling bits replacement. Check out these features.

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