Why Weld on Carbide Teeth Are Recommended for HDD drilling

Why Weld on Carbide Teeth Are Recommended for HDD drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling is one of the most popular methods of drilling trenches in the drilling industry. This method of drilling is widely popular with the installation of then undergrounds pipes, cables or conduits amongst other. However, the drilling machines used for these tasks are exposed to very hard conditions that require extremely powerful teeth.

That is why weld on carbide teeth are highly recommended for HDD drilling. These teeth are designed and manufactured to deliver high performance in demanding conditions. Here are some of the reasons why these teeth are recommended for HDD drilling:

High Output in Demanding Conditions

One of the biggest benefits that come with using weld on carbide teeth for HDD drilling is high output in the demanding conditions. Unlike the typical types of drilling teeth, weld on carbide teeth is made from high-grade materials that offer high resistance to wear and abrasion. That simply means that these are the kind of teeth that can retain their sharpness for long. With that, your drilling machine is able to deliver a high output over an extended period. Therefore, you will not have a problem of unstable production and irregular output.

Consistent Performance

One of the biggest shortcomings of using the typical teeth in HDD is inconsistency in performance. That is mostly due to the inferior quality of the teeth. The quality of the materials used for these teeth is usually the lower quality that cannot withstand most of the HDD conditions such as abrasive conditions. So they wear down really quick and become dull and blunt. But with the weld on carbide teeth, this is not the case. These teeth are tungsten carbide tips which are highly resistant to wear and abrasion, and thus they can maintain their sharpness for long. That is what enables them to maintain a consistent.

Reduced Operation Cost

A big challenge that most people struggle with while drilling, especially HDD is the high cost of operations. The amount that goes into the maintenance of the machine is extremely high, and that makes it difficult to make any decent profits. But with weld on carbide teeth, the cost of running the trenching machine is significantly reduced. These teeth are not prone to wear and abrasion, and that is why they can maintain their sharpness for long. That means fewer repairs and replacements, which reduces the cost of operation.

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